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We explore end-to-end machine learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions to tackle difficulties. No matter the extent of the complexity or constraint of time, Pix2Apps will meet the client requirements in the best appropriate way.



Data Tagging
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    Machine Learning

    We enable machines to leverage the obtained data for self-learning and decision-making. We develop business applications to enable faster and informed decision making.

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    Deep Learning

    Our deep learning process makes use of big neural networks with multiple layers of processing systems, taking advantage of improvements in computing energy.

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    Virtual Agents

    Improving customer experience and giving extended support through AI-enabled Digital Virtual Agents who understand and explain human behavior.

How We can Help you with AI Data Tagging

To deliver the most valuable platform and toolset for companies utilizing A.I. to scale their businesses and change the world.

  • Bounding Box
    Bounding Box

    For object detection and localization in images and videos. Significantly used for object localization for self-driving cars, object detection for e-commerce, damage detection for insurance, drone and robot training, etc.

  • Semantic Segmentation
    Semantic Segmentation

    For pixel level scene understanding. Highly useful in autonomous vehicles and safety surveillance cameras, where information of every pixel is crucial and may affect the accuracy of the perception model.

  • Line Annotation
    Line Annotation

    Define pixel coordinate and polylines for precision training Autonomous Driving model. Lane detection for self-driving cars. Well-defined various kinds of lanes for ego car, bicycle, divergence, opposite direction traffic, etc.

  • Cuboid Annotation
    Cuboid Annotation

    For 3D perception from 2D images and videos.Used for training computer vision models for spatial cognition from 2D images or videos.

  • Polygonal Annotation
    Polygonal Annotation

    For precise object shape detection and localization in images and videos.Used to best estimate the shape of objects captured from distant cameras.

  • Keypoint Annotation
    Keypoint Annotation

    Manual image annotation is the process of manually defining regions in an image and creating a textual description of those regions.